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64 Rocklin, California, United States
Seeking: Female 40 - 55
Occupation: Legal
i am retired from the US Government but still have a small law practice that you can see at www.capcityIegal.org I have been divorce now for three years. So I can travel and live anywhere. With respect to me physically, I am biologically much younger than my chronological age. My doctors indicate my biological age is more like a person in his late 40's or early 50's. I take good care of myself and have no health issues, I am quite active, have a lot of energy and a libido of someone much chronological younger. With respect to some of the things I like do. I love the outdoors, athletic activity, traveling, culture events, and family gatherings. i really enjoy cooking dinner with my beloved, drinking a good bottle of wine, enjoying great food, and each other. With respect to what I believe, I think that the most important things in life are God, one's spouse, family, and friendships. I believe that happiness comes from experiences and not from acquiring things. I have acquired quite a bit of expensive things in my life and they have not may be any happier than God, my spouse, or family. I believe that to have a great loving relationship, you must be WILLING to have one, be transparent and honest, have empathy, have good communication, shared values, respect, ability to forgive, and intimacy. When I talk about intimacy, I am not only talking only about sex. Intimacy to me is about closeness, to feel unify with my partner, to making sex a sacred act of love, and of being affectionate with each other.
64 Euclid, Ohio, United States
Seeking: Female 27 - 45
Occupation: Legal
I'm a simple guy, live a simple life. Though I have a professional position and work a lot of hours. I've been single many years now. I used to like to be alone, but now I seek a true companion. I’m educated but not arrogant, not a genius though! I’m kind, giving, loving and respectful. I want a relationship of real, true mutual love--free of conflict, unselfish, no fighting. Each partner must be compassionate and understanding, each partner giving to and caring about the other, more than themselves. Key points are LOVE, honesty, communication, loyalty, understanding, patience, caring, and respect. Understanding and accepting one another for who and what they are-and striving to address each other’s wants and goals. A man is not better or more important than a woman in a true relationship. I will give to and work for the relationship, but I want the same back in return. I spend many hours at work, but, I am a bit of a homebody. Though I enjoy simple outings, simple restaurants, dinner at my mom’s house on Sundays, visits to the gym, garage sales, and the like. Cuddling in front of the tv, sharing time together, are the things I want to enjoy with my woman. But I want to make you the biggest part of my life, the most important every day, spending time and being together, the thing we each most look forward to. Some other things about me, I don’t care for a woman with heavy makeup. However, I do like tasteful piercings and possibly tattoos (not required, tho). I am not a freak about hygiene, dress, clothing or fashion. I don't care if you can be scruffy, disheveled or unkempt, but, can also dress or look nice. What’s inside your clothing is more important than the wrapping.