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Technical / Science / Engineering

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42 New York, New York, United States
Seeking: Female 30 - 37
Occupation: Technical / Science / Engineering
Hey there. Yes, I'm REAL and looking for the same! I love learning and doing and favor experiences over things. A recent highlight was an epic 6+ hour hike to a mountain house in the majestic Swiss Alps that included a ride in a little custom-made 3-person gondola. That gondola ride was unplanned, but a great experience. I value passion and curiosity. Tell me what you’re passionate and curious about and let’s discuss. I expect us to both be passionate about our family and raising great kids. In fact, if you lack curiosity and are not passionate about something, we probably won’t work out. I love music and have a wide range of tastes from rap to classical. Good music is good music. Hopefully, music speaks to your heart as well and kudos if you play an instrument (I’ll be in awe, but it’s certainly not a requirement). I’m an engineer at heart and a well educated, accomplished tech professional so, yes, I’m a proud nerd and a surprisingly sociable one. I'm also genuine, kind, respectful, loyal, and caring. I'm ready for, and would like, a family. I care about the world around me and want to strive to make it a better place. I would like to volunteer more, and would appreciate if that's something we did together. Finally, a fun fact: I watch TV shows, but I don't have a TV subscription and really don't do social media. In no particular order, shows I like include Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, and Sense8. Caution: If you're a fan of degenerate reality TV shows like Survivor that bring out the worst in people, we won't get along. On a related note, here's a quote that I relate to. Perhaps you do as well... “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” -- Eleanor Roosevelt P.S. I'm 48. Unfortunately, I can't seem to change that but all pics are recent. In any event, I always get pegged as being in my mid-30s and am young at heart :)
52 Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Seeking: Male 46 - 68
Occupation: Technical / Science / Engineering
When you open my profile, I believe I will shine like a bright light in front of you: Stella. Yes, twinkle and shine. I am Stella. Life is like a name, after half a century of wind and rain, I want to find a harbor of love, anchor and land. If you are a healthy, sincere, kind, self-disciplined, and responsible gentleman, I look forward to holding hands with you for happiness, illuminating each other, learning from each other, and spending the rest of my life together. I come from Shenzhen, a bustling modern city that has given me unique vitality and enthusiasm. I am an urban planner who, through planning and design, paints a blueprint for the future of the city. This job is both challenging and meaningful, allowing me to witness the growth and transformation of cities. I am a person who loves life. I enjoy taking walks, traveling, maintaining health, reading, and photography; I also have two cute little dogs to accompany me. Every time I come back from work and push the door open, they will happen wag their tails to welcome me home. Seeing them also makes my day's fatigue dissipate! My life is full of countless stories, and if you are willing, I will take you into my world and feel my unique arm. I long to share the joy of life with you, to take a walk together in the warmth of sunrise, and to enjoy the warmth of home together in the tranquillity of sunset. I hope you are someone who loves life and cares about your family, someone who knows how to find humor and fun in busyness, someone who values health and knows how to take care of oneself. Most importantly, I hope you, like me, look forward to finding a lifelong partner and soul mate who can rely on each other, understand each other, and share joy and sorrow. If you don't have any photos or complete profile, please don't contact me. Thank you for your understanding! Because I am sincerely looking for a partner here and don't want to waste time!
56 København, Hovedstaden, Denmark
Seeking: Female
Occupation: Technical / Science / Engineering
Serious means to read profile, and show serious intentention to know each other ! i am a free member but you can search for my name in skyp, and ad me to talk more or send me your skyp then we can talk and see from there if it feels right for us to go further. belive in tradiational lasting love n as a real value for everyone. Searching for ever lasting LOVE and my best friend in our familie that is real, and respect each other truely, and tolerance becorse no one is perfect. And Yes, i understand this simple rule to be a one woman man and i dont like unfaithfull games. Relationship means to spend a lot of time together, sharing life happy and buitiful moments and help each other to better overcome difficult situation in supportive way. I dream to have deep loving soul conection whit my furture partner, not only on the surface being attracted from the buitiful body but real friendship and love…… Learning is also very naturally and is real pleasure enjoyment that can take place between each other…...Life was never only easy for anyone and always challenge will also come even we do not like. we need to help each other to make difficult situation work then we are having a succes and we can look back being proud knowing that it was us who make it work.....now more strong than before.............. Every day is a new chance if we are willing to take it in our hand and love our life. Beauty comes from whitin being in balance inside our self. Life is what we make it, we can always see good in any situation if our eyes want to.
71 Anshan, Liaoning, China
Seeking: Female 25 - 45
Occupation: Technical / Science / Engineering
52 Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Seeking: Female 18 - 36
Occupation: Technical / Science / Engineering
I am much younger at heart... with the maturity of my age...usually :) I have a passion for motorcycles ... fast ones... Desire to be surrounded by nature, outdoors and active, exploring, adventures, days in the mountains or at the lake. I like camping, campfires, nights under the stars, days at the beach and adventures. I used to power lift competitively , now just to stay in shape. I was amateur champion boxer in Canada as a teenager and missed the Olympics due to hand injury. I like kayaking and canoeing, we have some spectacular lakes and rivers in the Rocky Mountains 1 hour from my home. I am an open book, nothing to hide, transparent, forward, honest. I hold my integrity with highest regard. I am not a rich man, nor a poor man, but I have deep soul. I like experiencing new places, exciting things. I would like to travel more and my next career change may make that a lot more available. Canada is my home country, but I am not fond of the government, economic, social or societal changes here. Leaving- moving away from my country might become a possibility very soon. I am seeking a serious relationship, I am not here for months of letters, or games. I prefer old fashioned values and the femininity, family, nurturing aspects of Eastern women. I want more children and to create a family together. Maybe many children together. I avoid women who share custody or have the ex in her life, it creates problems. Teenagers simply resent any new Patriarch in their life. Older women don't seem as active , and I want a not just a wife, but a companion, to share experiences and excitement with. As reliable, and loyal as I am, I am also spontaneous. I am quite active. I am very affectionate sexual man, I really seek to satisfy her in every way. Her happiness feeds my happiness, and I do not mean in material ways. I have a simple home, live a simple life , social circles are not my thing. I am far past the days in clubs or partying. Hugely a waste of time with bad endings. If you read this much hopefully I have captured your interest and you will write me if I have not contacted you. Nope Im not a bot :) I wish you all happiness and luck in love, it will take that and some effort no doubt. xo Lyle
63 Windsor, Berkshire, United Kingdom
Seeking: Female 36 - 45
Occupation: Technical / Science / Engineering
A long profile, because I am serious about finding my special one. I want you to know about me, who I am, and what I am seeking, to avoid wasting anyone's time. If you think we really might suit, then you will appreciate how this helps and be happy to read all through my ramblings here. Realistically, I don't expect you to be perfect..... just to be perfect for me ! Yes, just be the right one for me, that's all that matters...... I am ready and keen to start a serious relationship with someone I can trust and who is mature enough to know what they want and understands the things that are important in life. I only want to do this once, so I need someone who is also serious and will appreciate a really good and caring man who they can settle down with. I live in the UK - well most of the time anyway. But, I do like to travel a lot and spend time exploring the planet. But, this only works for me when I have my special girl by my side. Someone who appreciates the joys of seeing new and fascinating places as well as relaxing in beautiful surroundings. I also have plans to pass the cold, miserable UK Winters in a warmer and brighter place. I like to travel because I have an inquiring mind and like to see all the wonders that surround us as well as learning from the lessons of history. By nature, I am warm and very affectionate and appreciate a good cuddle on the sofa with a glass of wine by a log-fire on a cold night. Having been around the block a bit, I have a wealth of experience of life and know that life will throw at us many bumps and challenges in the future. But, being prepared for them, and having already hit many in the past, I am in a good position to guide us through these and help address the problems as we go through life together as a team. You will find me totally reliable, dependable and fully trustworthy. I will treat you with nothing but total respect and love. I was brought up to be polite and always treat others how I would expect them to treat me. I am also very sensitive to your feelings and always try hard not to cause offense. I am someone who tries to avoid confrontation and works with compromise rather than allowing any kind of argument to develop. I appreciate style, quality and beauty - be that in cars, architecture, food, art, and of course, especially in my partner. I am well educated and professionally qualified. For most of my life I ran a large business employing a lot of people, so understand the ins and outs of business, commerce, finance-and especially dealing with people. Physically, I am slim and reasonably fit. I like to exercise by walking or riding my bike which I do often. I also like hiking in the countryside. Other hobbies and interests include flying, boating, traveling, vintage cars, architecture and building. For the right person, I have a lot to offer. The one who has the right mind-set will find a wonderful privileged lifestyle and a partner who puts them at the centre of his universe. I know how to love, care-for and cherish my loved one. A great life awaits you. You can be sure you will be looked after, treated with affection, and cared-for in every way possible.